Persuasion Calls

Tip O’Neill famously coined the phrase, “All politics is local,” meaning local issues can often decide an election. What better way to let everyone know about your position on a hot-button issue than an automated call from the candidate themself?

You can tailor your message based on the number pressed by the caller. This method is far quicker and cheaper than direct mail, and unlike social media, you know that your targeted voters are getting the message.

Persuasion calls can also be used to show voters see what kind of a leader you are and how you react to various issues:

Connection = The candidate is just like me

Personable = I’d like to have a beer with that candidate

Confident = That candidate will be able to get things done

Humility = That candidate will be out there working for me if elected

Caring and Concerned = This candidate really understands my concerns

Passionate = This candidate has the fire in their belly to shake things up

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