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Our goal, first and foremost, is electing Democrats.

We have spent countless hours refining our calling strategies and delivery methods so as to maximize your vote while minimizing voter angst towards your calls. CPEC will work with your campaign to develop a plan that will give you the best chance of success.

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What CPEC Can Do For Your Campaign

Whether you are a political newcomer or a ten-term incumbent, we have the tools you need to win your election.

Introduction Calls

The easiest way to introduce yourself to voters is by sending out an introduction call using CPEC’s automated calling system. Not only do have we achieved live listen rates of up to 95%, but we also screen out people who don’t want any calls, which means voters who don’t like automated calls won’t get mad!

Event Calls

Have a meet-and-greet, a rally, or some other local event coming up? Worried about how you’re going to let everyone know about it? Don’t be. With automated event calls, you can give voters in targeted locations information about your event and even give them an option to RSVP by pressing 1 at the end of the call.

Persuasion Calls

What better way to let everyone know about your position on a hot-button issue than an automated call from the candidate themself? This method is far quicker and cheaper than direct mail, and unlike social media, you know that your targeted voters are getting the message.

Drop and Chase Calls

Volunteers drop the literature. You make the call. Each answering machine in a neighborhood gets a call from the candidate immediately after a lit drop, creating the impression that the candidate was just at their door! These calls can be puchased in groups as small as 100 at a time to maximize their impact.

Endorsement Calls

Endorsements are a big part of the political process. The problem is making sure the voters actually know about them before Election Day. The solution? An endorsement call from CPEC. We will craft an automated call to get the word out and maximize the impact of your endorsements.

Negative Response Calls

You may find yourself needing to respond to an attack by your opponent. Direct mail takes too long, and there is no guarantee a social media post will hit the eyeballs you need. But a negative response call allows you to set the record straight and reclaim the narrative. We know timing is critical so we can turn these calls around ASAP.

The CPEC Advantage

Some people hear “automated calls” and immediately think “robocalls,” but they are completely different. While traditional robocalls are more of a blunt instrument, an automated political calling program is like a scalpel. The difference is night and day.

Robocalls are pretty much a last-minute plea for voters to come out and vote for you on Election Day, which can actually hurt your candidacy. If you don’t know who is supporting you, why in the world would you encourage them to come out and vote? You want your supporters to vote and everyone else to stay home!

By using a well-designed automated calling program, we can help you cultivate and identify your voters, then make sure they come out on Election Day. That’s how you win elections- by being smarter than the other side and executing your plan with precision.

That’s the CPEC advantage, and that’s why our clients win.