2020 Pricing

Instead of trying to charge for calls to people who aren’t going to vote, we have used our proprietary voter turnout model to determine the phone universe for every State House, State Senate, Congressional, and Statewide race in the 2020 Primary Election. Just click on the office/call type for a full breakdown of rates and packages.

Robocalls are a simple, straight-forward call to your voters. We can do additional features such as “press 1 to be connected to the campaign” for a small additional fee.

ID Calls are designed to identify your specific voters to help you focus your GOTV and messaging on people who support you or are undecided. Because traditional door-to-door canvassing has been limited by COVID-19, ID calls are an excellent way to identify your supporters. If your campaign uses VoteBuilder, we can upload the results directly into your voter file for you at no cost!

PA State House Robocall Rates
PA State House ID Call Rates
PA State Senate Robocall Rates
PA State Senate ID Call Rates
PA Congressional Robocall Rates
PA Statewide Robocall Rates
2020 Primary Polling Rates
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