CPEC gives you the tools to run

circles around your opponent.

01. Introduction Calls

The easiest way to introduce yourself to voters is by sending out an introduction call using CPEC’s automated calling system. Not only do have we achieved live listen rates of up to 95%, but we also screen out people who don’t want any calls, which means voters who don’t like automated calls won’t get mad!

A simple greeting from the candidate is a very effective way of making a good first impression with voters, and by sending them to your website or social media, you can begin to build a winning relationship.

02. Event Calls

Have a meet-and-greet, a rally, or some other local event coming up? Worried about how you’re going to let everyone know about it? Don’t be. With automated event calls, you can give voters in targeted locations information about your event and even give them an option to RSVP by pressing 1 at the end of the call.

Even if the recipient can’t make it out for your event, they will still be impressed that you called to invite them to join you.

03. Persuasion Calls

What better way to let everyone know about your position on a hot-button issue than an automated call from the candidate themself?

Your introduction call can double as a persuasion call. You can tailor your message based on the number pressed by the caller.

This method is far quicker and cheaper than direct mail, and unlike social media, you know that your targeted voters are getting the message.

04. Endorsement Calls

If you’re running for office and a popular incumbent or former politico is willing to endorse you, we make sure that your voters hear about it directly from that person.

If you have endorsements from labor unions, newspaper editorial boards, or other groups, we can craft a call to maximize their impact with your voters.

05. Negative Response Calls

If you fall victim to a negative attack from your opponent, you need to respond IMMEDIATELY, and there is no better way to do so than with a negative response call from CPEC.

You need to nip the negative message in the bud before it becomes conventional wisdom and kills your campaign. Direct mail takes to long, and social media can’t hit the eyeballs you need. But a negative response call lets you set the record straight and reclaim the narrative.

06. Hit Calls

What if you need to hit your opponent? Maybe your opposition research turned up damaging, or perhaps you’ve been sitting on some juicy info that the voters need to know about… look, we don’t judge.

If you need someone to record a message, we have any kind of voice actor you can imagine to do a professional recording. If you need help with the script, we can help you write one for maximum impact. If you want to unleash utter chaos on the opposition, well, that’s right in our wheelhouse.

Polling Services

One of the biggest challenges of any political campaign is trying to figure out where you stand with voters before Election Day.

The answer? Do a poll.

The problem? Most traditional polling costs way more than most campaigns are willing or able to spend, and for good reason.

Did you know that a typical benchmark poll in a state legislative race costs somewhere between $15,000 – $25,000? Insane, right?

But at CPEC, we provide you with virtually the same polling results for only a fraction of the cost. Many polling firms charge an arm and a leg for a cookie-cutter poll using horrible quality calls. At CPEC, we have the experience to design a custom polling model, craft the correct universe, and provide straightforward analysis to make sure your message plan is a winning one. Check out our rate sheet and see for yourself.

Some so-called “political experts” will say: “YEAH, BUT AUTOMATED CALLING POLLING ISN’T AS ACCURATE AS LIVE CALLERS…”

If that happens, it’s time to surround yourself with new “experts.”

CPEC conducted a poll using automated calling in the 46th District PA State Senate race less than a week before the 2018 General Election. As you can see below, the numbers were nearly spot-on.

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